Chalfonts PCN

The Chalfonts Primary Care Network

Since the NHS was created in 1948, the population has grown and people are living longer. Many people are living with long-term conditions and therefore may need access to their local health services more frequently.

To meet these needs, Practices have begun working together in networks, which build on the core of current primary care services and enable greater provision of personalised, integrated health and social care.

The Chalfonts Primary Care Network (PCN) consists of three GP Practices - The Hall Practice, The Allan Practice and the Misbourne Practice and as a whole, this network supports a local population of 35,000 patients.

Our Values

  • Provide access to fair and equitable services for needs of the patients.
  • Work collaboratively with our patients and partners.
  • Work collectively between the three Practices.
  • Have open and transparent communications between member practices.

Our Team

The PCN management team is made up of 4 people:

  • Accountable Clinical Director – Dr Nicola Turner
  • Deputy Clinical Director – Jacqui Kent
  • Joanna Gonzalez – Project Manager (leaving role on Wednesday, 18th August)
  • Beheshta Ahmadzi – Care Co-ordinator

The PCN clinical team is made up of 11 people:

  • Jacqui Kent – Senior Clinical Pharmacist
  • Raj Bhamra – Clinical Pharmacist
  • Alison Bailey – Clinical Pharmacist
  • Tara Baithoon – Clinical Pharmacist
  • Eisha Gosrani – Clinical Pharmacist
  • Sally Stephens – Pharmacy Technician
  • Madiha Moghul – Physician Associate
  • Tom Timmins – Paramedic
  • Laura Shaw – Paramedic
  • Jorgo Nikollo – First Contact Physio
  • Katty King – Nursing Associate Apprentice

Ultimately, the PCN enables our three member Practices to work together and share knowledge, which during these challenging and unsettled times, has been more important than ever.

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