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22nd Nov

Autumn Covid Boosters

We have lots of availability this week for Autumn Covid vaccines  at The Chalfont and Gerrads Cross Hospital. Please note that booking is handled by National Booking Service and the link to refer for more information is or dial 119 to book for one should you need. 

20th Sep

Eligible Cohort for Autumn Covid Boosters_22-23

Please refer to the below list of eligble cohorts for this year's Autumn Covid Booster

  • residents in a care home for older adults and staff working in care homes for older adults
  • frontline health and social care workers
  • all adults aged 50 years and over
  • persons aged 5 to 49 years in a clinical risk group i.e with a pre-defined list of Long term illnesses
  • persons aged 5 to 49 years who are household contacts of people with immunosuppression
  • persons aged 16 to 49 years who are carers
15th Sep

2022 - 2023 Flu Clinics

Flu clinics are currently being offered for all patients aged  65 or over and for patients aged 18 to 64 years of age 'at risk' i.e diagnosed with certain health conditions. 

We are running Flu Clinics for the above categories on the 24th of September and 15th of October at the Gold Hill Church Lane, Gerrards Cross SL9 9RF right next door to our St Peter site. 

Appointments are available to book via the patient access. If for any reason, you are unable to access these appointments online, please do ring our reception who will be more than happy to book one for you. 

For the cohort of well adults of 50-64 years of age, we are planning to deliver these on or after the 15th of October. Please await the text from us or an update on our website.

We are also contacting the parents of children that are aged 2 and 3 years of age and offering appointments. Please await a call or letter from us.

15th Sep

2022 - 2023 Covid Clinics

We are offering covid vaccines as part of 'The Chalfont PCN' which includes us, The Allan and Hall practices. The PCN is now prioritising the housebound patients and the care home residents. Whenever possible they are also offering appointments via the National Booking Service. These appointments are delivered at the Chalfont and Gerrads Cross Hospital.

Please be aware that our staff will not be able to book an appointment for the covid vaccination as the booking is handled by the NBS. Please see the link attached or dial 119 to book for one.

May we ask that you check regularly as there will be clinics available and running at the Chalfonts and Gerrards Cross Hospital in the coming weeks and booking slots will be available online soon.

Housebound patients will be contacted directly by the vaccination team over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.