Patient Participation Group

The Aims of the Patient Participation Group

The practice has always welcomed comments from patients regarding the services we provide, however, in 2011 we set up the Misbourne Practice Patient Reference Group (PPG) in order to further encourage patient participation at the practice.  

The Misbourne Practice Patient Reference Group was set up as a ‘virtual group’. The decision to set up this kind of group was taken after discussions at practice meetings. We felt that due to the very busy schedules of the doctors and patients a virtual group would be more practical. Members could be contacted periodically via email for their views and would not be required to commit to attending regular meetings (see below to sign up).

Getting Your View

The group would like to contact patients on occasion by email and/or text so that they can obtain the views of the widest group of patients possible. We would like to obtain your email address and mobile phone number to do this. Please complete the Patient Contact Form to provide your consent for this.