Breast Screening Invitations

26th Mar

Breast Screening Invitations

  • Our local breast screening service will shortly starting inviting eligible patients to book an appointment.

    To book an appointment, please contact:-

    T E L E P H O N E –  0 1 2 2 3 2 1 7 6 2 7
    E M A I L : A D D – T R . C B U S C R E E N I N G @ N H S . N E T

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    Eligibility for breast screening

    We invite all women aged 50 up to their 71st birthday who are registered with a GPP within our screening area.

    Women with symptoms

    Women of any age who present to their GPP with breast problems should be assessed and referred to the symptomatic breast clinic in accordance with NICE guidelines.

    Breast screening for transgender and non-binary people

    A leaflet which outlines breast screening for transgender and non-binary people is available. (It also covers other screening programmes.)

    People registered as male at their GPP are not routinely invited for breast screening, nor can their GPP arrange a breast screening appointment on their behalf.

    If someone has not had chest reconstruction (top surgery) and is aged 50 or over, they should talk to their GP who can arrange for them to have mammograms at a local hospital.

    If someone has had chest reconstruction (top surgery), they should talk with their surgeon about the amount of breast tissue remaining. If their surgeon confirms they still have breast tissue, they can ask their GP to refer them for mammograms at a local hospital.

    Further information for women